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Fundracing for Back on My Feet

Rene Rodriguez

I've been running with my local Back on My Feet chapter in San Francisco since the end of December 2016. It's been very inspiring to see a great group of runners taking shape and their positivity, strength, and determination grow day by day. Participants are overcoming homelessness through the power of running and community support.

Running with the group helps me with my motivation and goals as well, which is why I've decided to fundrace for Back on My Feet. I qualified for the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals Olympic Distance and will be racing with top age group competitors on August 12th, 2017. I'm determined to swim, bike and run to the finish line. I would love to raise at least $500 by August. For every $1 donated to Back on My Feet we get nearly $2.50 returns to our community through increased economic activity and cost savings. The hugs and smiles are priceless. Together we can help people break the cycle of homelessness. To find out more about the program, please visit backonmyfeet.org.

Thank you!
René Rodriguez


raised of $500 goal

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