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Help me Run London and Help Back on My Feet!

Roberta Myers

Back on My Feet seeks to revolutionize the way our society approaches homelessness. This unique running-based model demonstrates that if you first restore a person’s confidence, strength and self-esteem, they are better equipped to tackle the road ahead towards jobs, homes and new lives. Back on My Feet provides practical training and employment resources for achieving independence; an environment that promotes accountability; and a community that offers compassion and hope.

Within six months of becoming a Back on My Feet alumnus, 90% of members maintain their employment, 60% receive a wage increase and 20% achieve a promotion. Since 2007, the members of Back on My Feet have run 500,000 miles.

I have been supporting this wonderful organization by running the New Year’s Day Back on My Feet 5K road race in Norwood. Now I want to support their cause even more by choosing Back on My Feet as my charity for the 2019 London Marathon.

My fundraising goal is $7,500 for Back on My Feet. My running goal is to run the last of the 6 majors: I’ve run Boston, Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and in April 2019 I will run London.

Please help me complete my goal and assist more people in achieving dignity through running with Back on My Feet.

Happy Running,


raised of $7,500 goal

Recent Donations

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Run like the wind!
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Happy to support you! Have a great marathon!
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Break a leg! Um, no. On second thought, don't. Have a good run (on the wrong side of the road, over there).
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Good luck! GNRC runners unite!
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