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I'm Running the London Marathon for Back on My Feet!

Lilah Wolf

I learned about Back on My Feet from my sister-in-law Cassandra, who used to get up at 5:00 AM to go running with members in San Francisco. Back on My Feet connects two very important imparts of my life: empowering homeless and individuals suffering from substance abuse through running to find and keep jobs, not only to get back on their feet but to find renewed self worth.

As a Public Defender, I have the privilege of working each day with people who have been marginalized in our country, and I measure my success at work in part by whether or not I've helped my clients believe in themselves again. Sports were also critical to my developing my own sense of self, so I am very proud to run to support this wonderful organization.

Seventy percent of Back on My Feet's members find housing and employment and, after five years, over eighty percent of members keep their jobs. Read more about Back on My Feet here: backonmyfeet.org/program/how-it-works

I appreciate your taking the time to visit this page.


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1. LLiz Hume & Jay Jacobs
2. ?Anonymous
3. SMSara Milligan
Proud of you - can't wait to celebrate with you post race! Xo - Sara & Sean
4. TBTimothy Bliss
Cheers to a successful run Lilah. Have a great time. Tim & Ginny
5. SBSam Banon
Lilah - so, so proud of you for running this and for such a great cause. Can't wait to see you and Alex in a few months in Dallas! -Sam