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April 17 is also the day of the Boston Marathon this year. This is an awesome way for our BoMF teams to be involved from here in the midwest.

One of my St. Len's teammates, Ben, is going all out—he's going to run for 12 hours straight! I cherish having blister-free, happy feet, so I'll only be joining in for one of those hours. As a crew, we're going to log a ton of miles.

OK, now I'm going to get you in the giving mindset!
I've already placed a value on my time—a dollar a minute. You might see it that way, too. Maybe it's 50 cents per minute, or a quarter, or a dime. Hey! I'm not picky. It—literally, is all good.

But wait! There are other ways to arbitrarily justify your own donation amount:
How many miles do you think I can run in 60 minutes? Donate that.
How many miles do you think YOU can run in 60 minutes? Donate that.
How many miles do you want to be able to run in 60 minutes? Take that number, multiply it by 2. Donate that.
How steps will I take in 60 minutes? Donate that. (p.s. You win if you choose this option.)
How many times will Ben recite the serenity prayer to himself over the course of 12 hours? Donate that.
Do whatever you'd like, or just show support however you can—we'll be on social media, too.

Think of it like getting a pair of new running shoes. You know the feeling. For me, I feel like nothing stands in my way. I feel a hundred times lighter. Your donation could put new shoes on the feet of someone searching for that feeling!

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get. Back on My Feet positively influences the lives of so many people. KB



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