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Monica Kuroki

Hello friend, thank you for visiting my page!

For those of you who know me, running is not my forte however I've decided to give it a go! To keep me honest, I'm partnering with Back on My Feet (BoMF), a non-profit organization that combats homelessness through the power of running, community support, and essential employment and housing resources. I will be training and running with other "fundracers" and members of the local homeless community to prepare for the event together.

For BoMF, running is a vehicle to show members that they are capable of accomplishing anything through hard work and dedication. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, 20-25% of the homeless population in the US suffer from some form of severe mental illness. Serious mental illnesses disrupt people's ability to carryout essential aspects of daily life, such as self care, household management, and employment. Mental health care is expensive with therapy sessions ranging from $100-$400/ session (with little insurance coverage)- inability to afford treatment can lead to physical health implications, emotional deterioration, isolation from friends and family, loss of employment, and ultimately homelessness.

As someone who has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by supportive and loving family and friends through my own emotional ups and downs of life, I'd like to give back to this worthy cause. I've always used physical activity as a means to create structure and discipline within my life, as well as manage my stress and emotional well-being. To me, this seemed like a perfect match.

Overall I am cautiously optimistic that I can do this and hope we are able to raise some money for a very worthy cause! Thank you for your consideration and happy running!

All the best,


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1. SSSarah Song
Yay, you’re amazing!
2. JGJagannath Gowrishanker
Good Luck!
3. SSShehryar SHAH
You got this
4. LELaura Escobar
Hi Monica - Good luck with the race. I have no doubt you will do great and have a very good run. Laura
5. AAAfzaal Akhtar
Good luck Monica!
6. KLKhale Lewis
Go Monica! $5 per 5-minute-mile! :-)
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