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Garrett McNeill

Friends and family,

Thank you for visiting my page. I am very excited to run the 2019 Boston Marathon in support of Back on my Feet! Back on my Feet fights homelessness with early morning runs where homeless members gain confidence and self-esteem to attain employment, housing, and independence.

After a member commits to running three days a week for a month they move onto next steps where they are provided with educational support, financial literacy classes, and employment referrals. During that time a personal roadmap is built where the member can be helped gain independence.

In just a short period volunteering with this organization I have seen the sense of community this organization provides to those in need and how a 530am run can build confidence for members. Please consider donating to this great cause.

I greatly appreciate your support and look forward to running the marathon in April!

Thank you - Garrett



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