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Shan & Charlie Run for BoMF!

Shannon Herline

Hello friends! This will be my third year, and Charlie's *FIRST* year, fundracing for the San Francisco Chapter of Back on My Feet!

This is also Charlie's first half marathon so we are particularly excited to be running it in San Francisco!

As you know, in San Francisco, we are facing a crisis of too many individuals living in poverty, cycling in and out of homelessness, and distanced from economic opportunity. At any given time, there are over 7,500 individuals experiencing homeless in the city.

Back on My Feet seeks to revolutionize the way our society approaches homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. Their unique running-based model demonstrates that if you first restore confidence, strength and self-esteem, individuals are better equipped to tackle the road ahead and move toward jobs, homes and new lives.

All donations to support this organization we care so much about are appreciated!


raised of $1,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. LJLinsey Jackson
2. BWBryndis Woods
Sorry for my late donation, but you guys did a great job!
4. MLMargaret Luo
Proud of you fools already!
5. WHWhitney Herline
6. LNLaura Newcomb
Charlie just remember Shannon and I did our first half marathon together so I know how you’ll feel when she totally beasts you ;) Hahaha good luck guys!