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The San Francisco Marathon will take place on July 28, 2019. More than 27,000 runners and 80,000 spectators will fill the city on race day. The San Francisco Marathon is more than just a race; it’s a fantastic celebration where people from all over the country and world come together, united by their dedication to running and the running community. Whether a runner comes in just for race day or makes a trip out of it with their loved ones, our runners are invited to partake in a weekend of festivities. 

Back on My Feet will have FundRacers for the full marathon and 2nd half marathon. This is so everyone ends at the same location and approximate time for a post-race celebration. If you would like to FundRace for the 1st half marathon, we are happy to accommodate, but please be sure to make this request clear upon registration.

2019 San Francisco Marathon and Half - Required Race Fundraising: $500
July 31, 2019: Deadline to complete your full fundraising (or Rallybound will charge your credit card for the balance of your total fundraising commitment)
Registration: $25
*Registration fee will be counted toward $500 commitment*