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Lucy Runs the 2019 SF Half Marathon

Lucy Sinacola

Hi all!

On July 28th, I'll be running 13.1 miles in support of Back on My Feet, an organization that seeks to alleviate homelessness through the power of running and community. Our members commit to running three days per week with us each morning, after which they can advance to getting educational support, job training, and housing resources through our program.

I've been volunteering with this group for a few months, and it has absolutely shifted the way I see this crisis in our city and the people who it impacts. It has truly humbled me - and believe that together we can make a difference and improve people's lives.

Please consider donating anything you can! :)


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1. LGLinnea Goldstein
So proud of you!
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Run like the wind
5. SYStephanie Yang
We're all rooting for you, Lucy! So proud of you.
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