Help me in my FUNDRACE-ing journey with BoMF!

If you know me you know how much I love sleep ... so what could possibly get me out of bed at 5am on a weekly basis? Read about my BoMF story below!

My journey with Back on My Feet began in 2013 in Philadelphia. I was in search of an entry to the coveted Broad Street 10 Miler and decided to pick a charity to “fundrace” with. BoMF quickly won me over with their mission of combining running and community to provide individuals with employment and stable housing. In Spring 2015, I started running with a BoMF team in Washington D.C. At the time I was a Public Health graduate student, and I was challenged by my professors and classmates to constantly search for ways to improve other's well-being, especially our neighbors within our own community. I found that BoMF was a unique model that both personally empowered individuals while also providing the necessary resources to, quite literally at times, get people, "back on their feet". I was drawn to the welcoming group of members and volunteers and uplifting spirit that came from sharing a morning jog. Upon my recent move to San Francisco, I've had the opportunity to see the SF BoMF chapter grow from the ground up since the first inaugural run in November.

This year when I picked out my race schedule just as I did in 2013, it was not a matter of "which charity will I fundrace with?", but rather: "which event will I choose to fundrace for with BoMF?"

I am so excited to tackle the San Francisco Marathon with BoMF, and you can bet my 5:45am Wednesday morning runs with Team Tenderloin are a staple in my training plan.

I hope you too are inspired by the incredible work BoMF is doing to assist its members in San Francisco and across the US. I ask for your hand in reaching my fundraising goal of $1,000. If you are interested in learning more about Back on My Feet and where your funds will go, please visit the website @



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Personal Overview

So far I've raised 60% of my goal
Personal Goal:$1,500.00
Money Raised:$910.00

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Event Overview

San Francisco Marathon has raised 71% of their goal
San Francisco Marathon Goal:$5,000.00
Money Raised:$3,585.00