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Berlin? New York? I couldn't decide, so I'm running both!

2 Marathons On 2 Continents = More Committment

Back on My Feet is an organization that uses running to help individuals experiencing homelessness transform their own lives and achieve employment and independent living.
When I run I feel better and armed with that post-run euphoria, I get going and I get stuff done. The goal of Back on My Feet is to get these folks going too.

Every dollar you donate goes to invest in Back on My Feet’s unique and innovative program, which is having a significant impact on our community.

See you at the Finish Lines!


raised of $7,500 goal

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1. MMady and Arthur Jablon
2. CChris Lewis
Go Renee go!
3. EOEllen Opell
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4. RYRobin M Yamaguchi
Awesome!! You are the BEST!
5. SStan
You set a great pace Rene, glad to see you at it.
6. MJMarie Johnson