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Super Psyched to support those struggling to gain independence with housing and employment via RUNNING! Volunteers and the members run 3x a week at 5:30am to literally get BACK ON THEIR FEET. Running for me has always been about MOVING FORWARD. Members learn this important tool of moving forward to gain Independence and carry it further to find jobs and stable housing with the help of BoMF. Lightening Larry helps bring Light to the world. Please help spread/share this Light with a donation for Back on My Feet!!!!



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So far I've raised 7% of my goal
Personal Goal:$7,500.00
Money Raised:$585.00

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You are awesome Larry So honored to call you my sister Love you, Kate

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2018 Virgin Money London Marathon has raised 12% of their goal
2018 Virgin Money London Marathon Goal:$50,000.00
Money Raised:$6,335.00