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Back on My Feet FundRacer benefits include:
  • Guaranteed Race Entry
  • Back on My Feet racing gear
  • Customized fundraising page
  • Fundraising Tips and Opportunities
  • Dedicated staff to assist you and answer questions
**Back on My Feet does not cover travel expenses to and from California for the race. We strongly recommend the usage of the race's official travel partners for making all reservations.

Please read the waiver carefully as you register. When registering you are committing to raise the minimum funds stated above for the event you choose, and will adhere to the stated fundraising deadlines. Space is limited on the team and will be distributed first come, first served. In the case we are sold out we will start a waiting list for our team. 
2017 Big Sur Marathon - Required Race Fundraising: $1,500
- May 15, 2017: Deadline to complete your full fundraising (or Back on My Feet can will charge your credit card for the balance of your total fundraising required)
I need an Entry - Registration: $25
By submitting this registration I agree to the terms of becoming a Back on My Feet FundRacer to include: I authorize Back on My Feet to charge my credit card $25 to reserve my place as a BoMF FundRacer and my entry to Big Sur International Marathon.  This $25 will be applied to my fundraising total. I agree to raise the minimum fundraising amount of $1500 for a position as a FundRacer for the 2017 Big Sur Marathon event. I understand the fundraising minimum must be reflected on my personal online fundraising account by May 15, 2017.  I agree to provide Back on My Feet with a credit card valid through May 2017 (05/17). I have until December 31, 2016 to provide a valid card to hold my spot.   I understand that my position as a Back on My Feet FundRacer is non-transferable. If at any time or for any reason I am unable to participate in the event, I will contact the event managers. Regardless of whether I can participate in the event, I am still responsible to raise the minimum amount. Registration and Donations are not refundable for any reason. I understand that failure to meet the fundraising minimum puts my future participation with Back on My Feet events in jeopardy.

Back on My Feet | Participant Release
In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Big Sur International Marathon (the “Event”) as a Back on My Feet FundRacer, I agree as follows:
1.I hereby waive and release, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, any and all rights, claims, liabilities and causes of action whatsoever I may have against Back on My Feet, its affiliates and the Event operators and sponsors and each of their respective officers, directors, employees and agents (the “Event Parties”) relating to or arising from my participation in the Event, including but not limited to personal injury.
2.I recognize the Event has inherent risk of injury and I hereby assume that risk. If I cause injury to any person or damage to any property while participating in the Event, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Event Parties from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, loses, damages and expenses related to or arising from such injury or damage.
3. I hereby give my consent to Back on My Feet and its affiliates to use my name and photographs, video and film (“Photos”) of me taken before, during or after the Event in advertising and promotional materials for Back on My Feet, including but not limited to the Internet, without compensation. I agree that no advertising or other material need be submitted to me for approval. I agree that all Photos of me used by Back on My Feet and its affiliates are owned by Back on My Feet and they may copyright material containing same. I hereby release, discharge, and agree to save harmless the Event Parties from any liability, including, without limitation, any claims for libel or invasion of publicity/privacy, by virtue of any use of my name and/or Photos, including, any alteration of such Photos, whether intentional or otherwise.
I have read and understand this Release, and declare all information is truthful and accurate.

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