I have my heart set on running in the Big Sur Marathon in 2020. A friend of mine agreed to run with me. She made it in, but I did not. Since I have run for homeless charities before, it is something I feel strongly about raising money for. I would feel guilty for letting my friend down, giving up such an opportunity to experience this marathon, and feel good about raising money for others to feel the confidence you get from running. It is personal to me never having run competitively until a few years ago. Feeling unsuccessful in many parts of your life is difficult to overcome. Running really brought me a joy I've never felt before. I built confidence and accomplished things I never thought I could. I hope these donations will help those in the community who need it the most. Obviously, running alone will not do this. Back on My Feet helps build confidence and provides training, education, and housing services to help those without homes get back on their feet. Any donation you give will help. Thank You! Jennifer