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Ella - transforming lives one mile at a time

Ella Charon

I will be taking on the Baltimore Running Festival on Oct. 19, 2019 for the THIRD year in a row. This will also be my second marathon. And I won't be doing it alone, but rather for the third year in a row racing for and with Back on My Feet: an organization that combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources.

This cause is extremely dear to me, and I appreciate all the support I can get!


To give you an idea of the impact your donation could have:

- $30 could provide a member with spring running gear
- $50 could provide a member with winter running gear
- $100 could provide a member the ability to celebrate with BoMF family during the year
- $250 could provide a member race fees, incentives to reach certain mileage milestones
- $500 could provide a member with education and job assistance
- $1,000 could provide a member with housing for a whole year


raised of $400 goal


Recent Donations

1. Maryann Contantinides
Go girl! - Maryann
2. Megha Kadakia
Congratulations Ella!
3. Colin Charon
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4. The Butlers
Best of luck Ella, we are so proud of you! XO
5. James Trotta-Bono
Get it chica!!
6. Amy Eldon