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Casual for a Cause: Sneakers to Work on June 1st 

Back on My Feet is a national non-profit that takes an innovative approach to tackling homelessness by first bringing together, three days a week in the early morning (5:30 AM), the most unlikely community of runners – individuals experiencing homelessness and a city’s fully employed and housed.  The program begins with a commitment to run and then provides education, employment and housing resources.  These Back on My Videos capture the power of the program. Back on My Feet has chapters in eleven cities coast-to-coast, including Boston.
Through your support, your support our program:

  • A life-changing community of volunteers, staff and supporters who inspire, mentor and offer friendship to resident members
  • A one on one support network to facilitate access to education, housing and employment!
  • Proper running equipment – shoes, running pants, shorts, shirts, hats and gloves (especially for our Boston winters)
  • Access to Job Skills Training including financial literacy, computer training courses, dressing for success, interview skills, management coursework, corporate mentors
  • Opportunities to utilize a small financial aid stipend to remove one-time barriers to employment or housing such as a security deposit on an apartment, equipment for work, a drivers’ license, phone minutes to call for job interviews
  • Race entries to various races to teach goal setting, progress and achievement
  • Incentives for miles logged, such as a running hat, 25 mile shirt, sports watch
  • Social activities such as Super Bowl parties and game nights; healthy social interaction without drugs or alcohol is vital to success.


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