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FundRace $100 for Back on My Feet and receive an America Runs T-Shirt!

Every single night, more than half a million people in America are homeless – sleeping outside, in an emergency shelter or in transitional housing. It happens across the nation to children, parents, veterans and senior citizens. People lose jobs, lose their safety net and ultimately lose hope. Back on My Feet changes that.
Back on My Feet restores hope and independence through our innovative running program, the unparalleled community we build and the employment and housing resources we provide. Currently operating in 11 cities, we serve more than 1,500 people each year and there is much more work to be done. We need your help.

By going the extra mile through our America Runs FundRacing campaign, you can make your miles count for more than just distance. Pledge to run from Memorial Day to Fourth of July for Back on My Feet and rally your community to support our mission. All runners who raise more than $100 between 5/30/16 and 7/4/16 will receive a limited addition America Runs T-Shirt!
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If you had asked her a few years ago, Carole Dowdy would have never imagined that in the spring of 2015, she would be checking herself into a local Salvation Army homeless shelter in Austin, Texas. After the death of her father and a series of unexpected events, Carole was left with little to nothing to call her own – not even a pair of shoes.
When Carole heard there was a program she could join that would provide her with a pair of sneakers, she immediately signed up. What started as a free pair of shoes quickly evolved into the community of support that would help her get back on her feet.
Joining the Back on My Feet program was Carole’s first step in living a healthier lifestyle, quitting a life-long addiction to cigarettes, running her first 5k, and most importantly, overcoming homelessness. One month into the program, Carole began Back on My Feet’s ‘Next Steps’ program which provided her with job training, education opportunities, and access to employment and housing resources.
Carole now works a full-time job, lives in her own apartment, and is a Back on My Feet Alumna. Looking ahead, Carole is more confident in her future than ever knowing that Back on My Feet remains by her side every step of the way.