Our 2020 Atlanta Meaningful Miles 5K Team Page

Team EY

Please help us support Back on My Feet by making a contribution to our team and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance Back on My Feet 's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!

Erick Wilson
    Abhishesh Acharya
      Adam Wilson
        Aja Muldrow
          Alex Gventsadze
            Alex Parr
              Alexis Gilner
                Andrew Doyle
                  Andrew Hughes
                    Andrew Wyper
                      Ansley Thomas
                        Bill Stahl
                          Brad Stoner
                            Brent Wyper
                              Brian wyper
                                Carolyn Clemmings
                                  Courtney Parsons
                                    Drew Wyper
                                      Ellie Morris
                                        Emily Browder
                                          Erin Wyper
                                            Ethan Wyper
                                              Ivan Tarin
                                                Jason Cox
                                                  Jay Huntley
                                                    Jeanie Wyper
                                                      Jeness Rustay
                                                        Joe Pearson
                                                          John Pace
                                                            Lexie Jankowski
                                                              Linzie Hearron
                                                                Lisa Jones
                                                                  Michael Farnsworth
                                                                    Nyoca Wilson
                                                                      Sally Idehen
                                                                        Taylor Paddock
                                                                          Thad Haines
                                                                            Vivek Jain


                                                                              raised of $2,500 goal

                                                                              45 Fundraisers

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