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Illah - transforming lives one mile at a time

Illah Schalles

Back on My Feet is built from connection and teamwork; we’re famous for our morning circles and endless hugs and high-fives. We work hard to help those experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness find employment and work toward self-sufficiency. The running... we don’t care if you walk, run, or even do a little of both; we care that you show up and that you try because we know that matters in every area of life! Right now, we may not be able to physically show up or to hug our teammates as we face these new challenges but the work, the work never stops. Our staff across the country are reaching out by every avenue available and doing everything possible to keep people preparing for the journey ahead. Some we’ll keep helping with employment as grocery stores and companies like Amazon need help filling shelves/orders; some we’ll help with professional skills guiding them through virtual workshops, improving their ability to get hired once we return to some sort of normalcy, and some we’ll help to locate and navigate online learning opportunities to advance their career options later on! But for all, we’ll be here. Steadfast. We know it only takes one turn of events to change the course of a life, we see it every day. If you’re in a position to join the BoMF: from LA to Philly <3 team - please do; if you’d rather donate, we appreciate that from the bottom of our hearts; and if you’ve found yourself in trying times, cheer for us and know our communities, friends, families, are all with us as we traverse the streets seemingly isolated but more connected than we were the day before.

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You are amazing Illah! Cheering you from CHI!
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Team BoMF: From LA to Philly <3