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We are Faizus, Mohamed, Shaden, Irem, Yannick, Sohaib, Talha, Abdulla, Yaser, and Yuma and we are running the 2019 Los Angeles Marathon to combat homelessness through the power of running and community support. We run because everyone deserves a home! How will your donation mitigate homelessness? It's simple. Running builds self confidence & can elevate homeless individuals to a better position to rebuild their lives. If you *FIRST* restore strength and self-esteem through fitness, individuals are better equipped to move towards jobs, homes, and new lives. We all have been running with our homeless runners living on Skid row and witnessed firsthand the empowering effects running can have on their lives. Your donation will support them in maintaining their fitness, educational support, job training, employment, and housing resources.
$25 can provide shirt, shorts, and socks for a homeless runner.
$50 can provide new running shoes for a homeless runner
$100 can provide public transit card to travel to work.
$250 can provide a bed in a new home for a member.
$500 can provide education and job assistance.
$1000 can provide a housing deposit for a member.

Any donation amount will help! We firmly believe running can mitigate homelessness in LA. Please consider supporting us!

Thank you!



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