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Faizus Amin

I’ve been running with the homeless on Skid Row, Los Angeles to help uplift them out of poverty. I witnessed firsthand how running is empowering them to restore their lives.

Why do I run?

For me, running is service. When life came crashing down and things just weren’t going my way, it was running that motivated me to change. When I was drowning in negative thoughts and battling my own mental demons, it was running that saved me. Running is my medicine and my therapist.

Running rescued me from my own destructive habits. Now imagine the transformative effects it can have on the homeless community. Running builds self confidence & can elevate homeless individuals to a better position to rebuild their lives. That’s why I’m running the LA marathon for Back on My Feet. This year, i’m really excited to run the marathon WITH the homeless and FOR the homeless. Please consider supporting me on my journey !


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