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Lindsay Barlow

Thank you for visiting my fund-racing site! This year I will be participating in the Los Angeles Marathon in March and would love for your help in raising awareness through a monetary donation for Back on my Feet; a non-profit that uses running to help combat homelessness and addiction. Back on My Feet is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get!

As most of you know, I have been running ever since I can remember - it has been an important part of my life as well as my family's. I truly believe that running helps form habits that can help individuals facing homelessness and addiction take their first steps into transforming the next steps to a better life.

Together we can make a difference! Please help me in getting to my goal of $650.00!

Lots of Love,


raised of $650 goal

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1. Gino B DiGregorio
Great job!
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4. Maricarmen Corum
You are amazing in every way.
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