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Welcome to Joe's fundraiser for Back on My Feet

Joe Fulcher

Thank you for visiting! As many of you know, I've volunteered over the years with Back on My Feet; a non-profit that uses running to help combat homlessness and addiction. For 2019 I've decided to run the Los Angeles Marathon as a fundraiser for BoMF. Yes, you all know I hate running. But the fact that some good can come from those torturous miles is one of the things I actually enjoy about it.
As many of you know, my family struggled financially growing up and was even homeless for a time. My father was a compulsive gambler and we lost everything. I remember the seven of us,in a two door car, with nothing but a bag of clothes and a handful of Batman action figures I managed to salvage. We spent that summer driving around in that tiny car,trying to figure out a place to stay. There were some nights spent at relatives’ places in NY and DE, but I can only imagine how quickly five kids can wear out their welcome. Sometimes my dad would find a sympathetic front desk clerk that would let us stay in a motel for the night. Or maybe he had a winning day at the racetrack or casino and we actually had some money. He was always trying to find the quick, easy, way out. Never willing to put in the time and dedication it takes to make a stable income. And while he was out trying to win enough money for dinner that night, everything else was left to my amazing, strong, loving, Mom who would struggle to find a way to split a Happy Meal between five kids while going without food for herself. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for her. She always put us first and I can never repay all she has sacrificed for me. It must have tore her apart inside but she never showed it. And because of her strength and love, surprisingly that summer isn’t that bad of a memory for me. I’m sure there were tears at the time, but looking back, what I remember most about those days are just spending time with my mom and siblings, the kindness of our relatives, and the realization to never take anything in life for granted. Bad things sometimes happen to good people and you can’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. You need to stay strong and turn it around somehow.
That is what Back on My Feet teaches; through hard work, you can overcome the rough times and shape your life the way you would like it to be. You start with the small goals like running for ten minutes straight or getting out and applying for jobs, and you keep at it until you can check the big goals off your list like crossing that finish line, getting a job, or finding a place to live. It's a commitment, sense of responsibility, and dedication that somebody like my father needed to experience.

My mom, siblings, and I were extremely fortunate. By the end of the summer, my wonderful grandmother had permanently let us into her house and her life in a way that could never be expected. She let her once peaceful house become a home to five kids. Until the day I said goodbye to her, I always tried to let her know how much she meant to me and I hope she realized how much I loved her for all she did.
We use those early morning runs with Back on My Feet to prove to the residents there are people like my grandmother out there. That no matter how hard the road ahead may get, there is somebody willing to support you and run right beside you until the end.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page and for any possible donation. Any amount, great or small, is extremely appreciated!


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