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Top 5 Reasons Why I am Fundracing for Back On My Feet in the 2017 LA Marathon:

5. Don't we all just want to do something we love, make lots of money while doing it, and benefit society in the process? Running to raise money for a great charity ticks all the boxes for me.

4. Somewhere along the way, my ideals, values, and principles started getting lost in the shuffle of daily life. Deciding to fundrace was a chance to reset and refocus.

3. Some time ago, we drove by homeless people in the streets. My children were excited to see so many others apparently sharing their love of outdoor tent camping. That got my wheels turning: How can I bring into my children’s consciousness the concept of homelessness and other difficult realities of the world in which we live? How do I raise them to become empathetic individuals? I'm still struggling with those questions, but fundracing seemed like a small step in the right direction.

2. We all have the power to affect positive change. If I could leverage my sphere of influence (however small) towards something good, then I had to seize the chance.

1. My kids watch my every move. They mirror my behavior and my attitudes. That terrifies and inspires me all at once. I must be the best version of myself.

I haven't slept much in the last week. I've felt overwhelmed by the magnitude and urgency of the issues we as a nation and species face, from the marginalization of peoples to the relentless destruction of our environment. I don't know yet how I might ultimately rededicate my life as a result of this most recent soul searching...

But I'd like to start with this small step: I've signed up for the 2017 LA Marathon and I will be running for a charity called Back on My Feet, an organization that combats homelessness through running, community support, and employment and housing resources.

Won't you join me in supporting it with a small donation today?



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